Having trouble turning off your brain? Wide awake thinking about your day? Need to talk? We are here.

Having trouble turning off your brain?

Wide awake thinking about your day?

Need to talk? We are here.

Welcome To Late Night Coach

Welcome to my late night site. Maybe you stumbled in here or maybe you were looking for some help, either way, stick around, give me a call, begin a chat, or email me. I’ll help you fix what’s hurting. Seems to me no one gets totally sad and depressed at two pm but at two am the darkness in you isn’t as friendly as the darkness outside. The inside darkness is keeping you awake, keeping your heart feeling like there’s a knife in it, keeping you sitting in front of your computer wishing there was someone you could talk to who was real and wasn’t going to throw a bunch of psychobabble at you. I keep it real and offer real solutions to real problems. Don’t contact me if you’re fifteen and want to talk about the size of your junk. I get those all the time and I’m underwhelmed at your inability to find something better to do. On the other hand, if you’re real, eighteen or over, contact me for any problem, any type whether it’s love, sex, your job, you’re feeling bad about something and just want to talk, your husband is cheating on you, your wife hasn’t had sex with you in a year and now the woman you’ve been having sex with is threatening to come over to your house and tell your wife, you’re gay and married to someone of the opposite sex and want out but you don’t know how to get out, you like your wife’s underwear better than your own, your boyfriend/husband is so boring even the dog wants to leave home but you need that extra paycheck, you’re really lonely but don’t have a clue about how to get a man or woman into your life for longer than a one night stand or you’re really lonely and can’t even manage to snag a one night stand or you just hate opening your eyes when the alarm goes off. You get the drift. When the light’s on I’m here. If it’s off, leave me an email and tell me if you want me to return your email or you want to know when I’m going to be online next. I don’t tell your secrets.

The best way to connect is via the “Get Help Now” chat button. You can also email [email protected] or call 925-344-3241 to set up a session.

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