Relationships-Good or Bad

Did you ever know anyone who got divorced and then a year or so later they want to introduce you to their new wife/husband and the new one is very much like the old one? Have you been married multiple times or been in multiple relationships only to have every one of them fail? Well you and the guy marrying the same woman over and over have an obvious problem; you don’t know how to gauge whether or not a relationship is going to be good or bad for you. A good partner helps you grow, supports you, loves you, is kind to you, doesn’t tell you what to do every minute of every day. Set up a coaching program with me so we can figure out just what you need in a partner and the red flags you need to become aware of. You’ll set goals and we’ll check in by phone once or twice a week to see how you’re doing. Infatuation never lasts. Learn what you want, need and how to go about getting it. Take control of your life, make it good, don’t settle for what you blindly fell into in the past.