Below the Belt

Here’s a quick list of things you should never, ever do if you’re fighting with your partner, your boss, or anyone else:

1.Don’t cry and sulk in place of talking

2. Don’t give your partner the silent treatment, doesn’t fix anything, ever

3. Don’t talk down to your partner. This one is usually in the form of sarcasm.

4. Don’t use not feeling well, having a headache, or any other illness as a way of not taking responsibility.

5. Don’t guilt trip.

6. Don’t compare your partner to someone else in order to put them down.

7. Don’t psychoanalyze your partner.

8. Sarcasm

9. Don’t tell¬† your partner how they feel or what they meant.

10. Never threaten, anything, not divorce, suicide, telling someone. Most of you know what threats get thrown around during a fight.

11. Don’t get two sizes smaller, look very sad, and tell the other person whom you believe to be wrong that they’re right and you shouldn’t have said anything. In other words, Don’t make yourself a victim.