Ten Coaching Tips for Women About Internet Dating

Well ladies some things never change and some things are brand new. Take a look at the Cliff’s Notes version of Internet Dating for women:

  1. This same old rule applies. If you sleep with him on the first or second date you’re still a slut, I don’t care what year it is. Guys think, if you’ll sleep with them, you’ve probably bedded down every other guy you’ve met and they don’t like that, no matter how hard they try. Don’t!

  2. Married men and men living with women are on those sites. The owners of the sites don’t do ID checks and plenty of men are cruising for an easy lay (refer to item #1)

  3. Do not ever get into a guy’s car or go to his house until you’ve gotten to know him. Remember Ted Bundy (serial killer) never forced a woman into his car.

  4. Dress like you respect yourself, not like a hooker, even if you are one.

  5. Men like the boobs up and showing with a bit of peek a boo lace but they’re going to try even harder to get you to break rule number #1.

  6. If he’s serious about a relationship, he’s looking for someone he can introduce to his friends and family and not be embarrassed by the way you look or act. Remember this; when you’re getting dressed for the first meeting look like you would if you were going to meet his mother and spit out the gum before you go into the coffee house.

  7. Normally you wouldn’t talk about politics or religion because they can create tense conversations. I believe in weeding losers out as quickly as possible so if you voted for Hillary and he voted for Trump you need to know that right away so you can get away.

  8. He’s not there to be your therapist so don’t tell him about your ex and every other man whose broken your heart, and don’t make disparaging remarks about “most men”. He’s one of them.

  9. Meet him in a well lighted place where there are other people around and unless you want to risk the dullest dinner or lunch ever don’t make a date for either before you’ve met him for coffee first. You might not like him at all and he doesn’t look anything like his photo. He looks like the grandpa of the guy in the photo.

  10. Do not pay for your coffee. If he can’t afford to buy you a cup of coffee he probably lives with his mother (or wife).