So You’re Going to Write a Book or Something

Yes, you have had the most spectacular life ever and you know that your book will be a best seller. Great! You’re talking to me and I ask you how often you write. You give me a blank look and then tell me you’re still figuring it out in your head. I will tell you that you will never write a book. You don’t figure out books in your head and then write them, you don’t talk about finding a new job and never actually apply for a job, you don’t keep making resolutions to lose weight while you’re eating more cupcakes, or anything else you want to do, it’s not going to happen. Congratulations on being a great failure before you ever get it out of your head. And you know why you didn’t get out of your head? You didn’t have the courage to do it and that’s what it takes. If you insist that you’ve got a best seller in you, sit down every day at the same time and start writing. You decide if you want an outline or if you want to write and then edit. The most important thing to do, whether it’s writing a book or losing ten pounds or finding a new job, is to take that first step and then take one more step every single day no matter what, even if you only work at it for fifteen minutes a day. If you don’t it won’t happen. If it does happen because you did and did it every single day and took baby steps when you felt stuck then congratulations for materializing your thoughts into what what you really want!