Fear of Rejection

If you find yourself avoiding people you find interesting, avoiding initiating a conversation, well avoiding just about anything that involves interacting with other people unless the other people are close relatives and friends, you could use some coaching to help you reach your goal of having a more satisfying life. You need to make a plan to desensitize yourself to those feelings of anxiety that keep you away when you really don’t want to stay away, you just really don’t want to feel anxious and then inadequate when you are out. It doesn’t matter why you feel inadequate. It matters that you do something about it, like make a plan and then follow each step. For instance the first step in your plan could be to go to a place where you feel like the other people aren’t going to like you. Just go there but give yourself permission not to talk to anyone and also to leave in twenty minutes. Of course, this would have to be some kind of public gathering or you will probably be rejected if you meet someone for lunch, don’t speak and then leave after twenty minutes. Do that about three times. Then do it again, choose one person and initiate a brief conversation and give yourself permission to leave after an hour and so on. You will lose your fear if you follow this plan. Really.