How to Love a Man

From a man’s perspective:

Show him you care by doing small, unexpected things like tickets to an event you know he would like to attend. Then surprise him.

Compliment him but sincerely. Tell him you like something about the way he looks. Tell him what he does to or for you that you really like.

Don’t stay stuck on yourself. He doesn’t want to hear every chapter of your life unless you are doing the same with him. In other words, be interested in who he is and not what he can do for you.

Understand the party isn’t all yours, that he has feelings, needs, is sensitive and feels rejection or sarcasm just like you do. Don’t make the mistake of assuming he doesn’t get his feelings hurt, doesn’t get frightened, doesn’t ever feel insecure, he’s human and he does. If you’re looking for Superman, go to the movies.

Find out what turns him on, lingerie, taking showers together, flannel pajamas (the ones with kitty cats on them of course), sending him romantic texts or sending him texts you do not want your mother to read.

Hopefully you’re at least as intelligent as he is so use your brain to talk about things, whatever you’re both interested in, politics, places to go, music, life in general.

Don’t wait for him to initiate every encounter whether it’s a kiss, a hug, or sex. Let him know he is desirable to you.

Have a strong sense of self, not self absorption but know who you are so you’re not looking to him to complete your life.

A sense of humor is good. Being playful, laughing and joking are all ways to build intimacy.

If you want him to be serious about you it’s not enough just to refrain from being needy and overly dependent, don’t tell him about the other two men you’re dating at the same time and, if you’re really serious about him dump the other two men and don’t mention them to him.

If you’re really, really serious about him show him your wild side, not your fake wild side but your real wild side. Find out what he likes in bed and be an equal partner. Don’t make having sex with you a job after the first or second month.

Turn him on and keep turning him on. It’s true. Guys love sex.but not because they’re idiots. It’s a way for them to experience deeper feelings of intimacy and closeness.

In short, give him, do to him, show him what you would like him to give, do, or show to you (different versions of course).

Take time for him. Don’t turn into a slob. Don’t gain a lot of weight and let yourself go because you think he’s a done deal. Men, like women, are never done deals even if they don’t say a word to you about that. A relationship is a wondrous thing. You have to tend it like you tend a garden and, like a garden, your relationship will blossom.