Goal: Be a Better Person

Somewhere around 1982, people, for the most part, began to focus on “nice”. Yes, all children are geniuses, no one criticizes anyone, ever, no hard truths ever come your way because no one cares enough about you to tell you a hard truth and you, god forbid never think what isn’t working for you in your life is you. And that’s why you never get where you want to go. It’s a great road to travel and you will get there if you don’t give up but you will give up, the first time something hurts, or scares you, or you fail at some aspect of your endeavors. You want to be a better person, for real? Take a look at these hard truths and guess what, they are hard truths. You can’t make a life plan if you can only look down a narrow corridor where you are the victim and failure isn’t something you pick yourself up from, learn, and do it better so you’ll move ahead with your life plan. Give up? Lose. Get up? Win, yes, that simple. Keep working toward your goal until you get there and you will.