If You Don’t Have a Sex Life, it Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Good in Bed

Mostly if you’re a guy but sometimes if you’re a woman. There, covered all of the political correctness I hope. It’s because you’re an ass in most other areas of your life. It hasn’t occurred to you that you’re an ass. That’s because you’re too busy feeling sorry for yourself for not having a sex life to stop and wonder what might really be going on. You didn’t have this problem when you first got together with her or him, did you? You didn’t have this problem until one or all of the things below happened:

  1. You stopped handing out compliments
  2. You stopped appreciating the things done for you
  3. You stopped holding hands, cuddling, kissing for no reason
  4. You stopped being meticulous with your hygiene
  5. Since you’re not going to have sex, you’re not going to pop a mint into your mouth
  6. You stopped making an effort at being appealing
  7. You started yelling and/or calling names
  8. You started complaining
  9. You stopped reserving a significant amount of alone time
  10. You stopped asking for a date
  11. Since you’re in a relationship no reason to bother with table manners12.You started snooping and questioning, showing a real lack of trust

And more but the list is already too long. If you don’t have a sex life take a look at the list above and, if you’re guilty of one or more, correct them and see how your sex life improves.