Do You Feel Empty?

You get up to go to work, do a good job, have friends, laugh, talk, all the while feeling empty. You’re looking for that special person. Maybe you even found a special person but it’s new and you’re not sure so you’re nervous as hell and you should be if you’re coming from empty.

O.K. Now. You’re in the majority. Feel great about that. Now, feel terrible that you have so little an identity to rely on you actually believe he or she is out there and then you’ll begin living your real life, and you’ll be fulfilled.

Except, wait! There’s a problem inherent in the core of your belief and that is that you believe your complementary other half is out there and once you find that person you’ll begin living, you’ll feel good about yourself and life, you’ll never feel empty or lonely again. You won’t be successful because you have to find yourself, first, last, in the middle, somewhere in your life you have to find yourself, and then you’ll be successful in finding and developing a relationship without having unrealistic expectations that the other person is going to make your emptiness go away forever. Your neediness and jealousy are designed to ruin any relationship.

Sound like you? Send me an email. I can coach you in becoming a satisfied, person, without emptiness who would like to meet someone to share a journey with, life or otherwise, but doesn’t need that person. Need is very different from love.