What Do You Want to Be?

You went along with whatever plan you and your parents made for your career. You went to college and then attained a high paying job, or your parents weren’t interested in your career choice, didn’t help you, at all, so you found yourself taking the first job that paid more than minimum wage or you had to take the minimum wage job. Now you’re stuck because you have a partner and a kid or two or you just feel stuck.

Rent has to get paid, and the lights should probably stay on, eating may be optional depending on whether or not you got stuck with the minimum wage job. No matter what your income level is, if you’re unhappy, you can re-invent yourself, this time as who you were born to be not who you thought you were supposed to be.

You’ve been going along doing the best you can, but you feel pretty depressed at where you are emotionally and career-wise. The first step to changing your career, no matter how much money it does or doesn’t pay you, is to believe in yourself and that you can find your way to the job you want. That’s right. Without a belief in yourself, you won’t start, and your life won’t change much.

Believing in yourself when it seems that few people do is hard work. You’ll have to remind yourself many times a day that your negative thinking only limits you and you need to learn to value yourself. That’s step one. To help with step one, sit down and write a list of things you like to do.

You can go to “The Dictionary of Occupational Titles” online and look at different jobs, what they require, how much demand there is going to be for that career. Seeing all of the different jobs should affirm to you that you should never live your working life doing a job you can’t stand, no matter how much the job pays you.

Or you can contact me, and we’ll work out a plan together.