Mistaken Blog, please read

Tonight, I read my post, linking to an article about halitosis, all the way through. Much to my surprise, I discover it’s an ad! That’s what I get for reading the first three paragraphs when I decided it would be good to share.

Now hear this, you do not and should not respond to that ad. I didn’t see it. I don’t endorse it. I was expecting the, ending to say that everyone should have at least one dental checkup a year to make sure you don’t have decay in your mouth.

Also, keep breath mints with you. Offer a mint to your partner first, and then you take one. If your partner asks if they have bad breath tell them or tell them that they don’t, but you were just being polite. Do not take for granted your breath is fine just because it feels fine to you. Brush your teeth twice a day, when you get up and when you go to bed, floss the teeth you want to keep, use mouthwash before going out and before any kind of intimacy. No mouthwash? Use breath mints. Chewing on a piece of lemon or lime rind helps if you’re out and find yourself with nothing to combat your killer breath. Don’t be afraid to say, “I ate xxxxxxx at lunch or dinner or breakfast, and I don’t know if I could use a little breath freshener. What do you think?” Only do this with a partner, date, or friend. I don’t advise doing it with your boss or supervisor.

So there. I ended the article the way it should have ended. The main point is that no one will tell you. Ask everyone you know if they would tell someone that they have bad breath. And don’t forget the breath freshener the next time you’re in the store.