The Number One Thing You Should Not Do To Your Employer

It’s common for people to believe that the friendlier they are, the better liked they’ll be. Many people do more than paste a chipper, I don’t hate my husband today smile on, because their goal is to achieve a look that’s a cross between adoration and supplication in the misguided belief that you look more, well, likable. You don’t because people have boundaries, physical and mental. You wouldn’t walk up to your employer and pull them in close for a meaningful hug. So don’t get in close for a meaningful smile, or a too friendly anything else, no innuendos, no suggestions of getting together outside of work. Don’t laugh loud at every joke your boss tells, ask your boss multiple times a day or any time a day if they’d like you to get them something, coffee, tea? You know why you should never act like the perfect, devoted, subservient, and extremely efficient employee? Because you’ll be giving off the message that you have no self-esteem, you’re desperate for that job, you don’t believe in yourself, that you don’t expect to be respected, and that you have no self-worth. That’s a terrible message to convey to your employer. Very bad. No one likes desperate, dependent, people and they are continually being abandoned because they feel slimy and invasive, not friendly and helpful. Keep a physical and psychological space between you and your employer. Do your job, be polite but not best friend friendly, don’t offer to do anything outside of your job category so, unless you’re a waitress, bringing coffee is a very subservient act, don’t do it! Act like you value yourself like you believe your employers got a good deal when they hired you. They’ll like you better for it.