Don’t Let Despair Push Your Decision Making

When a person feels anxious and happy about the possibility of losing their job, at the same time, or hates their job so much they feel like running out of the place, screaming, “I quit,” it’s time to make an exit plan.

Print this out and ask yourself these questions, taking notes as you go along until you achieve your goal.

What do you know how to do? Anything besides what you’re currently doing? There might be something on the list that, with just a little more training, could help you move up the ladder in your current job.

Are you qualified to do something you would enjoy coming to work for every day? If not, do you know what you have to do to get qualified? If your answer is “No,” then jump on the Internet and find out. You can begin with The Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Many schools offer training and even advanced degrees online now.

Do you love your job but hate your boss? Ask yourself if there’s something about your boss you see in yourself and that’s why you hate it in your boss. Ask yourself if you’ve really considered how your boss might feel about a given situation. If you get nowhere with that, concluding that your boss really is a jerk, proceed with the rest of this plan.

Liz Ryan at Forbes Magazine wrote a terrific piece about why people hate their jobs, all the way back in 2016. I think it’s still an excellent, helpful article. Make sure you scroll down past a lot of other stuff. Take a look:


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