Good grief. We’re in the middle of watching our lives trashed. It’s beyond our control. We’re angry. We hate this. No, we hate this. I’m pretty sure most of you are hoping to live through this. We’ve never seen so many sick, dying, or dead, all at once. Oh, did I say freaked out? Yes, we’re freaked out. There are many of you whose primary coping mechanism is pretending like it’s all a hoax, it won’t happen to me, that it’s a bunch of B.S. My grandma won’t die, my kid won’t die, my best friend won’t die. Someone else’s people are the people who have the nerve to participate in the hoax, even die with a plastic tube shoved down their throats. You don’t have to wear masks, stay away from other people, or wash your hands. You can pretend that someone is putting us through hell just because they were bored or drunk or insane.

Unfortunately, there is no someone to blame. Corona hit us like fog coming in under the Golden Gate Bridge, and there are those of you who just can’t handle the truth, deny that you’re part of the problem. News flash until you accept there is a problem. This thing isn’t going away. Denial is a coping mechanism. You can’t handle it, so you deny it. That’s not going to keep you alive. We don’t know much except that when people don’t wear masks, wash their hands, practice social distancing MORE people get sick, and more people die. We see the numbers. The numbers are math. Math is straightforward, so suck it up and do what you have to do to get past this to the other side of lockup where we can all get back to our lives.

You don’t look brave, don’t look confident, don’t seem intelligent. You look stupid because you’re acting crazy. Quit being stupid and start helping, wear your mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands or hope you’re not kissing your own ass good-bye because that would be pretty embarrassing for your friends to have to bury you just because you couldn’t cope.