How This Works

If you want to talk or chat with Genevieve click on the “Get the help you need now” button to chat live if she’s online so she can determine what you need, or leave a message if it shows she’s “offline”. She’ll open a chat box to let you know she’s there. She’ll determine if you want to talk on the phone or you want to chat. Then you go to PayPal and pay for the amount of time you want. You can use your credit card on PayPal or your PayPal account if you have one. Once you’ve paid she’ll get an email from PayPal and then begin the type of session you’d like to have. If it’s phone she’ll give you a phone number to call. If it’s chat she’ll begin “talking” to you in the chat box. She’ll watch the time and when your time is up she’ll tell you good-bye and end the session. She will not go over the amount of time you’ve paid for so don’t be disappointed if you’re trying to squeeze in one last thing after your time is up and she just terminates the session. If you want more time than you paid for you’ll have to go back to PayPal and pay for more time. She will give you a two-minute warning before your time is up.