Having trouble turning off your brain? Wide awake thinking about your day? Need to talk? We are here.

Having trouble turning off your brain?

Wide awake thinking about your day?

Need to talk? We are here.

Making it Through the Dark Time

O.K. This is the deal. You’ve been locked in more or less by yourself or with one or more persons for about six months now. Some of you don’t think you’ll get sick so you don’t comply with recommendations regarding the Coronavirus but most of you do. That means that you’re either more in love with the person or people you’re sheltering with or, if you live alone, you’re happy you don’t have to share constant space with another…

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Good grief. We’re in the middle of watching our lives trashed. It’s beyond our control. We’re angry. We hate this. No, we hate this. I’m pretty sure most of you are hoping to live through this. We’ve never seen so many sick, dying, or dead, all at once. Oh, did I say freaked out? Yes, we’re freaked out. There are many of you whose primary coping mechanism is pretending like it’s all a hoax, it won’t happen to me,…

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In my work as a life coach one lament, I hear over and over is, “I’m not going on to one of the online dating sites. They’re disgusting, and everyone says so I just want to meet someone nice, fall in love, form a good friendship hopefully leading to love, blah, blah, blah.” but you don’t want to put ourself out there somehow, someway that puts you in circles of people where you might get lucky and meet someone….

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Women Who Whine

You never get your needs met. You’ve been married a year or more, maybe you even have a child. You find yourself explaining over and over why you get upset, why you withdraw, or more likely, why you get angry. Each time you do it, you feel more and more like you’re eating sawdust because nothing changes, ever, and you both know it. Sometimes you pack up and go to your mother’s or a friend’s for a day or…

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Don’t Let Despair Push Your Decision Making

When a person feels anxious and happy about the possibility of losing their job, at the same time, or hates their job so much they feel like running out of the place, screaming, “I quit,” it’s time to make an exit plan. Print this out and ask yourself these questions, taking notes as you go along until you achieve your goal. What do you know how to do? Anything besides what you’re currently doing? There might be something on…

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The Number One Thing You Should Not Do To Your Employer

It’s common for people to believe that the friendlier they are, the better liked they’ll be. Many people do more than paste a chipper, I don’t hate my husband today smile on, because their goal is to achieve a look that’s a cross between adoration and supplication in the misguided belief that you look more, well, likable. You don’t because people have boundaries, physical and mental. You wouldn’t walk up to your employer and pull them in close for…

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Summertime & Big Thighs Are Getting You

O.K. So this is the twentieth or seventy-fifth summer you’re approaching. No matter what the number is, what’s the ratio between the number of summers you’ve lived and the number of summers you’ve felt terrible about your body when you realize warm weather is coming, and the baggy sweatshirt just isn’t going to do it, and you’ve gained the weight you vowed you wouldn’t gain through the holidays and during the rest of winter. Now you’re either going to…

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Relationship Killers

In this article I’m going to just list, without explaining, some things that break up relationships. In the next article, I’ll list some things that make relationships. I’m not going to list the obvious like infidelity or addiction because you all know that or should. Relationship Breakers Think of yourself as smarter, funnier, or better looking than your partner. Divide the cost of everything right down the middle, forever, to the penny. Don’t ever give a compliment. Don’t ever…

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She Won’t Tell You

That you’re boring. Yes, boring. She can be your lover, your wife, your about to be lover, and she’ll tell you when you have bad breathe (maybe), or that she doesn’t like what you’re wearing (for sure) but she won’t tell you that the reason she’s not kissing and smiling like she did when you first met is because you thought you could relax, now that you had your security sewn up. Well, you can and maybe she won’t…

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