Having trouble turning off your brain? Wide awake thinking about your day? Need to talk? We are here.

Having trouble turning off your brain?

Wide awake thinking about your day?

Need to talk? We are here.

Sex Anyone?

Men and women most often would like a partner, some want a life partner as in marriage, others find friends with benefits a better arrangement, and some people want to get laid once in a while. Or should I make it simple and say humans generally want to have sex with someone other than themselves. Some of you succeed. Others fail miserably and then whine about there not being anyone out there to hook up with. Sex appeal is…

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Mistaken Blog, please read

Tonight, I read my post, linking to an article about halitosis, all the way through. Much to my surprise, I discover it’s an ad! That’s what I get for reading the first three paragraphs when I decided it would be good to share. Now hear this, you do not and should not respond to that ad. I didn’t see it. I don’t endorse it. I was expecting the, ending to say that everyone should have at least one dental…

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What Do You Want to Be?

You went along with whatever plan you and your parents made for your career. You went to college and then attained a high paying job, or your parents weren’t interested in your career choice, didn’t help you, at all, so you found yourself taking the first job that paid more than minimum wage or you had to take the minimum wage job. Now you’re stuck because you have a partner and a kid or two or you just feel…

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You Won’t Believe This

But bad breath ends relationships. How many of you want to tell your partner, husband, wife, or friend that they have halitosis? Very few people will do it. And often, they’ll leave the relationship without saying anything about what is easily fixable. If you want to increase your chances of meeting and keeping a partner please read this. It’s part of your program to meet a mate. https://beathalitosis.com/bad-breath/bad-breath-relationships/

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Do You Feel Empty?

You get up to go to work, do a good job, have friends, laugh, talk, all the while feeling empty. You’re looking for that special person. Maybe you even found a special person but it’s new and you’re not sure so you’re nervous as hell and you should be if you’re coming from empty. O.K. Now. You’re in the majority. Feel great about that. Now, feel terrible that you have so little an identity to rely on you actually…

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If You’re a Nerd, You Need Me

Coaching is useful for many different situations: something you aspire to but haven’t been able to attain, something you’d like to change about yourself but haven’t, a change you want that takes courage you’re afraid you might not have, in short, anything about your life you want to change or make better can usually be helped with coaching even nerds benefit from coaching. So now to the nerdy part. You’re a guy who never has had much luck with…

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If You Don’t Have a Sex Life, it Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Good in Bed

Mostly if you’re a guy but sometimes if you’re a woman. There, covered all of the political correctness I hope. It’s because you’re an ass in most other areas of your life. It hasn’t occurred to you that you’re an ass. That’s because you’re too busy feeling sorry for yourself for not having a sex life to stop and wonder what might really be going on. You didn’t have this problem when you first got together with her or…

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Are You Lonely Tonight?

If you are it’s your fault so go look into the mirror and say, “I’m a dumb ass because I haven’t even tried to get a lover.” No one, absolutely no one has to be alone but you might not find a millionare since you aren’t one and you might not find six pack abs or boobs bigger than your wildest dreams (I’d say nightmare but that would be sarcastic). There are free online sites, POF, OK Cupid, and…

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The Shame of Metrosexuals??

METROSEXUALS Definition of metrosexual courtesy of Mirriam Webster dictionary: a usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes. A metrosexual  is happy getting a pedicure and a manicure. He’s hip, urban, sophisticated and, above all, stylish Now I happen to think this is just weird. And here’s why I think it’s weird. Since when did men who enhance their personal appearance, get pedicures and wear fashionable clothes have to…

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