Having trouble turning off your brain? Wide awake thinking about your day? Need to talk? We are here.

Having trouble turning off your brain?

Wide awake thinking about your day?

Need to talk? We are here.

Christmas Blah!

O.K. So how many of you are going to admit you hate Christmas and that Thanksgiving is second in line for most hated holiday? I mean at least admit to yourself you hate it. This is why you hate Christmas in case you’re still wondering if you fall anywhere close to normal in the Christmas category: You’re working and you don’t have any extra time for the dozens of things participating in Christmas requires. Making dinner or going to…

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Goal: Be a Better Person

Somewhere around 1982, people, for the most part, began to focus on “nice”. Yes, all children are geniuses, no one criticizes anyone, ever, no hard truths ever come your way because no one cares enough about you to tell you a hard truth and you, god forbid never think what isn’t working for you in your life is you. And that’s why you never get where you want to go. It’s a great road to travel and you will…

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So Don’t Talk About Sex

So there you are, married for ten years, two kids, and sex is a distant memory. You assume she’s not interested in you. She assumes you’re having an affair. You don’t have sex and no one talks about it anymore. Oh, you used to fight about it. Now you’ve both either a. given up b. are so angry you can’t imagine having sex c.you just generally hate your partner. Oh, what did I leave out. Hmmmmm. That the two…

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Watch This And Find Out If You’re A Victim

Unfortunately there are many people walking around in this world, working right next to you, living next door, teaching the course you finally decided to take and you don’t even know that they are suffering from narcissistic Abuse Syndrome. Here’s a You Tube clip that explains what it is in six easy to understand steps. You might even recognize yourself. Not everyone who is a victim realizes they are a victim and not a worthless user who better hang…

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Just Get Busy and Stop Complaining

O.K. Here’s a guy who has it all figured out. It’s a good place to start even if he doesn’t have it all figured out and even if you don’t do what he does. At least you’ll get an idea of some things to do besides sitting on your behind and feeling sorry for your sad self. www.stopstartdo.com/blog/1001-days-of-tracking-habits-6-lessons-in-exponential-personal-growth

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Personal Development Resources

Read this article, but wait, that’s not enough. If you really want to change your life read this article and then do some of the items suggested. Yes, stop thinking about developing who you really are and become who you really are. This is just a piece of it. I can help you with more. A good beginning to becoming successful (however you define success) and content with your life and who you really are not who you think…

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Changing the Way You Think

  This is an excellent blog about asking yourself ten questions that can change the way you think. Negative self-talk and telling yourself something is true when you have no evidence to back up what you’re thinking, IE “I couldn’t reach her on her cell phone when I know she was on her way home from work. She’s meeting up with someone and isn’t answering her phone” isn’t evidence that she’s doing anything wrong. Maybe she went into a…

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Not All of These Suggestions Will Work

But with forty-one of them you’ll get at least fifteen that do work. They are simple things to do and will touch a woman’s heart. 41 ways to melt a women’s heart – A list all men must read! 1. Ask her to dance. 2. On windy days, brush wayward strands of hair from her eyes and mouth. 3. When she’s coming down the street, across the room, or up the stairs to meet you, walk towards her as…

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Lessons for Understanding the Other Person

Often we think about things that involve the other person and what they do to us, don’t do for us, what they think of us, and how important we are to them. For a successful and happy life we need to try to understand the other person. Here is a list of things to help with that understanding. The link to the full article is at the bottom of this page.   A silhouette of a human being stands…

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