Having trouble turning off your brain? Wide awake thinking about your day? Need to talk? We are here.

Having trouble turning off your brain?

Wide awake thinking about your day?

Need to talk? We are here.

How to Love a Man

From a man’s perspective: Show him you care by doing small, unexpected things like tickets to an event you know he would like to attend. Then surprise him. Compliment him but sincerely. Tell him you like something about the way he looks. Tell him what he does to or for you that you really like. Don’t stay stuck on yourself. He doesn’t want to hear every chapter of your life unless you are doing the same with him. In…

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Sibling Rivalry?

Sibling rivalry shouldn’t last into adulthood. It’s O.K. if you’re three and you want mother to give the baby back and it’s O.K. if, as little kids, you take a swipe or two at each other. However, if you’re an adult and can’t, don’t, or won’t get along with one or more of your siblings, that’s not O.K. Why? Because you’re busy wasting time when you can take a look at yourself and see just what the problem is,…

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Fear of Rejection

If you find yourself avoiding people you find interesting, avoiding initiating a conversation, well avoiding just about anything that involves interacting with other people unless the other people are close relatives and friends, you could use some coaching to help you reach your goal of having a more satisfying life. You need to make a plan to desensitize yourself to those feelings of anxiety that keep you away when you really don’t want to stay away, you just really…

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Fear of Failure

This is an excellent article about fear of failure. One of the most important issues is what you think of as failure. If you’re afraid of failing because you know someone else wants you to do something or succeed at something but it’s not one of your goals. In that case, don’t do it, don’t let anyone else define you, tell you who you are. Often artists feel like failures because they generally don’t make a lot of money….

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What You Didn’t Learn In School (not math)

  Here are sixteen things you probably didn’t learn in school. It’s a mini coaching lesson and an example of what working with a coach can be like. You set your own goals and I help you accomplish them. I’m up late at night just in case you work and don’t have from three to four o’clock on Wednesdays and Fridays to check in with a life coach. www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2008/04/02/16-things-i-wish-they-had-taught-me-in-school #latenightcoach #lifecoach

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So You’re Going to Write a Book or Something

Yes, you have had the most spectacular life ever and you know that your book will be a best seller. Great! You’re talking to me and I ask you how often you write. You give me a blank look and then tell me you’re still figuring it out in your head. I will tell you that you will never write a book. You don’t figure out books in your head and then write them, you don’t talk about finding…

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Ten Coaching Tips for Women About Internet Dating

Well ladies some things never change and some things are brand new. Take a look at the Cliff’s Notes version of Internet Dating for women: This same old rule applies. If you sleep with him on the first or second date you’re still a slut, I don’t care what year it is. Guys think, if you’ll sleep with them, you’ve probably bedded down every other guy you’ve met and they don’t like that, no matter how hard they try….

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Below the Belt

Here’s a quick list of things you should never, ever do if you’re fighting with your partner, your boss, or anyone else: 1.Don’t cry and sulk in place of talking 2. Don’t give your partner the silent treatment, doesn’t fix anything, ever 3. Don’t talk down to your partner. This one is usually in the form of sarcasm. 4. Don’t use not feeling well, having a headache, or any other illness as a way of not taking responsibility. 5….

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Relationships-Good or Bad

Did you ever know anyone who got divorced and then a year or so later they want to introduce you to their new wife/husband and the new one is very much like the old one? Have you been married multiple times or been in multiple relationships only to have every one of them fail? Well you and the guy marrying the same woman over and over have an obvious problem; you don’t know how to gauge whether or not…

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